The music on the website is Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal & Miten – All Blessings to you!  

My soul mates, Harel, Aidan and Shiloh – I am blessed with your love, patience, joy, laughter and great energy for ever and ever.

My beloved Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Mother in love – Thank you for making the circle of womanhood in my life so strong and beautiful. I bow deeply to every struggle, pain and challenge that allowed me to grow and to every smile, hug and words of wisdom that have made me shine.

I am proud to expand this special circle with so many beautiful women from all around the world. Sisters, you know who you are – I thank you for your love and friendship.

My dear Dad and Granddad – Thank you for the best Storytelling and clever quotes; these will always stay with me and already passing on to my sons.

My darling Brother – Thank you so much for your gift of  Music.

Music is the main thread that is weaved throughout my life and brought with it so many special people – I thank you all for sharing your music with me.

My gratitude and thanks to Raya Gilead for looking into the depth of my soul and for directing me to the path of Healing.

Every soul I met on my path has been teaching me something. some special people came simply as Teachers  – I thank you all my teachers for sharing your wisdom with me.

I would like to give thanks to Swami Krishnadevananda and Sivananda Centre London for being a home for me and my family.

Thank you Anne-Marie Newland and Rita Osborne, Sun Power Yoga, for helping me finding my teaching voice.

Special thanks to my fellow Yogis and Yoginis – I am grateful to learn so much from you.

I give thanks to each and every one of you who read these words – Namaste  नमस्ते